Theodore Bah was born in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. He has the globaly well known step-father, a Djembefora (Djembe player), Mamady Keita. He started performing at the age of 7 in a percussion group which performed with masked dancers of the Guinea Forest district. He kept on performing with various groups. Then he became a solo dancer for Hamanah, the group of Famoudou Konate. He joined the JORIBA national dancing team in which Mamady Keita was also with. He plays an active part also in Europe, namely Italy, Germany, Belgium and France etc. and now resides in Tokyo. He ownes the African musical instrument / general store called Bleumla in Harajuku. His activity now includes workshops of an African dance in Tokyo, namely in Daikanyama, Ebisu, and Shibuya. Also he was featured in the Japanese Masque produced by Bannojo Nomura performing in Tokyo and the South Korea...

WORKSHOP : Let's learn the traditional dance of Republic of Guinea and songs !
Gotanda Bowling center (second floor dance studio)
5-minute walk from the JR Gotanda station
Every week Every week Monday 8:00pm - 9:30pm

Formed in Tokyo, Japan, drops creates music that will quench the thirst for the dried and tired hearts. Drops took the music role of the 2004 Sri Lanka festival and wrote the theme song and performed it (and also the music of Sri Lanka became their repertoire). They have been performing at many charity events since its inception. Notably drops was ranked at the 2nd place in the ranking of January 2005 of the J-WAVE Music Hyper Market. Also featured regularly as the DJ on the Internet radio J9.

drops website

Hiroko Takeuchi (Vo)

Born in Saitama. At the age of 20, she was inspired by Sara Vaughn and decided to be a vocalist. Her soothing voice can be fused into music beyond simple categories, Pop, Soul, R&B, etc. Also established herself as a composer. She performed energetically with her trainer Mieko Yuasa in a duo group called "B" and a unique female triple vocal unit "liquid fitzgerald" which all of the members composed lyrics and music (she also did the chorus arrangement). She sings "the songs that reach for the heart and body of those who hear it".

MIKA (Piano)

MIKA began playing the piano and improvisatorials at the age of five. The first solo album "Lake Erie" was released on a New York based label "NEP" in 2002. Highly acclaimed "Lake Erie" has been broadcast on FM station J-WAVE's MUSIC HYPER MARKET. She has written the music and produced the CD with a picture-book by Emi Hashino entitled "Heart No Okurimono (Gift From The Heart)" in 2003. Also composed a piece for the event "2003 Sapporo White Illuminations". She has performed in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2003 as well.

MIKA website