Living in Japan as a foreigner from Africa

There is no single formula as to how you can have a happy and successful stay here in Japan in general and Tokyo area in particular. One of the most and basic things to do is making sure that you legalize your stay. There are different approaches to this.

1. By getting married to a spouse of Japanese citizen or any other citizen with a valid Japanese residence.

2. Be engaged in a legitimate business, in that way the immigration may grant you a stay based on the fact that you are legally involved in business here in Japan.

3. By applying for a refugee status. If you are from any afflicted country either by war you may fall under this category.

For more details about the above-mentioned points refer to the immigration web site at.

It is important to get this done because in recent years the government has come with the policy of ejecting all illegal aliens out of this country and mostly in the Kanto region. There have been very successful raids by members of the Tokyo immigration bureau in conjunction with the Tokyo metropolitan police. A good number of the African community as well as other nationality has fallen a victim of this policy.

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