Performances in Palestine/ Nikki Matsumoto

I have performed in every city of The West Bank of Palestine between 2012 and 2019. I have visited there 8 times during this period in the hope for peace.

The result has been rather dissapointing. And I'm facing the reality that there is so little one man can do to change the world. Someone like Donald Trump with lot of money comes in and crashes our hope single-handedly. The world is so unbalanced. But I can't give up hope.

These are the moments of my music activity in Palestine. My accoustic band Rock Of Asia toured in the Middle East in 2012. The project with Hideshi Takatani in 2013. After releasing my solo album "Palestine On My Mind" in 2014, I kept on going back there for the people of Palestine. I have spent my own money to bring my band and did what I could for the peace. At least, I am very proud of that.

2012 The Peace Square at Bethlehem 2012 City Hall in Jericho
2012 Value's Restaurant in Ramallah 2013 Street Performance in Ramallah
broadcasted on PBC
2013 With Mr. Abbas at the Presidential Palace in Ramallah 2013 Cultural Palace in Ramallah
2014 Solo album "Palestine On My Mind" 2013 & 2014 Faisal Village in C Area.
With Jordan Valley Solidarity
2014 Spanish Garden in Jericho 2014 Street performance in Nablus
2014 Conference room at Signature Hotel in Ramallah 2015 Mahmoud Darwish old office in Ramallah
2015 & 2016 Betlahem Live Festival 2015 Yes Theater in Hebron
2019 Peace Square Restaurant in Bethlehem 2019 Alistiqlal Park in Ramallah

Israel and Egypt

2012 University of Haifa 2012 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2015 Session with Israeli Musicians 2012 Newspaper in Egypt

Activities in the support for Palestine in Japan

2012 Peace Walk in Tokyo 2013 Palestine Festival in Utsunomiya
2013 Palestine Festival in Tokyo 2014 Peace Concert in Tokyo
2014 Youth For Human Rights in Tokyo 2014 Land Day in Tokyo
2015 Palestine State Recognition Petition Campaign 2016 Peace Walk for the Middle East in Tokyo
2017 Donation of footballs 2018 Meeting Dr.Nabil Sha'ath

Music Videos

Rock Of Asia Middle East Tour Other Side Ocean